Some of the most common questions about RemoSpace.


What is the main account?

It is administrator of RemoSpace. The administrator can (1) create a sub-account, (2) allocate the meeting time to the sub-account, and (3) operate the details of the held meeting on the account management system. Please note that you cannot hold a RemoSpace meeting with your main account.

What is a sub-account?

An account that allows you to hold meetings using RemoSpace.

What is a guest account?

An invited account when meetings are held at RemoSpace. You can participate for free.

What is a RemoSpace ticket (abbreviation : ticket)?

A ticket to give RemoSpace meeting time.

What is an account management system?

My page system for main account and sub accounts.


What is the maximum number that the main account creates sub accounts?

There is no upper limit.

How are the sub-account IDs and passwords set?

The sub account IDs and passwords are automatically generated. IDs and passwords will be automatically delivered to the email registered in sub-accounts.

I cannot log in to my account management system. Why?

The account ID or password may be incorrect.
(1) For the main account
If you have forgotten your account information, click "Forgot your account ID?" at the bottom of the login screen. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?" to proceed with the confirmation operation.
(2) For sub-accounts
・For ID, please contact the main account administrator.
・For passwords, check the ID and password email issued when you creat the sub-account, or ask the main account administrator to reset the password and try to reissue the password.

How to transfer meeting time from a sub-account that no longer use to another sub-account?

Follow the steps below to shift the meeting time.
1.Please log in to the account management system with your main account.
2.Click "Assign Meeting Time" on the left side of the screen to display the list of sub-accounts.
3.Click "Reset Time" in the operation column of the sub-account to which you want to transfer the time.
4.The time will be returned from the sub-account to the total unallocated time of the main account, so then allocate the time to the sub-account you want to increase the time.

I forgot my main account password. What should I do?

Please use a password reminder. Click "Forgot your password?" at the bottom of the login screen to proceed with the confirmation operation.

I forgot my sub-account password. What should I do?

Please tell your main account administrator and ask them to reset your password. After resetting, the password will be automatically sent to the email address registered in the sub-account.

Payment / Purchase

How much does a ticket cost?

Please check Plan page for details.

What are the payment methods?

Credit cards are accepted at RemoSpace eSHOP. Invoice payment is also possible for corporations only. (Please note that we will confirm the credit in advance)

I purchased a ticket, but it is not reflected in the meeting time of my main account. Why?

After purchase, it may take up to 1 business day to be reflected in the main account. After registration is complete, RemoSpace eSHOP will notify you by email.

How can I buy a ticket?

Credit cards are accepted at RemoSpace eSHOP. Invoice payment is also possible for corporations only. (Please note that we will confirm the credit in advance)


I signed in to my sub-account, but I can't start a meeting. Why?

Meetings cannot be initiated if the available meeting time is not allocated to the sub-account. Please talk to your account administrator to request a meeting time allocation.

The meeting suddenly ended while using RemoSpace. Why?

There are the following cases.
(1) There may be insufficient meeting time available. Please check the available time from the My Page screen of the main account. If all the time allotted to the sub-account has been exhausted, allocate the meeting time. If you have used up all available meeting times, please purchase your ticket again.
(2) Another person may have signed in with the same sub-account. If you are using the sub-account with multiple users, please check if they are being used at the same time.
(3) Communication status may be poor. Check the connection status of Wi-Fi and mobile data communication.

I invited a guest to the meeting, but they could not attend. Why?

The invitation code may be incorrect. Please check the invitation code from the details → settings in the menu of the app.

Can I hold a meeting with my main account?

No, you cannot. Please be sure to create a sub-account and hold a meeting with sub-accounts.

How do I download minutes?

Log in to the account management system with a sub-account and click the "Download Minutes" button at the right end of the meeting item for which you want to download the minutes to proceed with the download.

How do I allocate meeting time to a sub-account?

Follow the steps below to allocate meeting time.
1.Please log in to the account management system with your main account.
2.Click "Assign Meeting Time" on the left side of the screen to display the list of sub-accounts.
3.There are two ways to allocate time.
(1) Automatic equalization : Allocate the remaining time evenly to sub-accounts. * If there is a fraction, it will be assigned to the first account displayed in the list.
(2) Manual allocation: Manually allocate time to a specific sub-account.

How many people can attend a meeting?

10 people including the organizer.

How do I join a meeting with a guest account?

There are two ways.
1.Enter the invitation code shared by the sub-account on the app (app must be installed)
2.Click the invitation URL shared by the sub-account and join on the browser (no app installation required)


How to set up the initial installation of RemoSpace?

There are the manual and the movie explaining the operation before using it. For details, see "Usage Flow" on RemoSpace product page.

What is difference between conventional translators and RemoSpace?

A conventional translator is a terminal that is intended for face-to-face use. RemoSpace is a system that can translate and subtitle conversations with multiple people through an online meeting system. Also, since it is done online, you can use it anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet environment, regardless of distance. Furthermore, there is no need for troublesome operations such as pressing a button to speak, and a translation system that automatically recognizes the voice and translates it into the language set by the other party is adopted, which is almost simultaneous translation. You can use your computer or smartphone without being particular about the terminal, so you can minimize the initial investment cost.

Is RemoSpace a free app? Is it a paid app?

There is a charge when holding a meeting using this application. It's free when you attend a meeting as a guest. You can freely download the app itself.

What is a ticket for RemoSpace?

This application is a meeting application. You will be charged for the time the meeting is held.

What are the types of tickets?

We offer Prepaid in which you purchase the required time and use it, and a postpaid method (monthly charge, annual charge) in which a fixed amount of time is charged every month, assuming that you will use it on a regular basis. Postpaid is the best price.

Where can I download RemoSpace?

You can download it from "Download" on RemoSpace page.

Where can I buy RemoSpace?

Please purchase a ticket for use via RemoSpace eSHOP or support (corporate only).
Click here for RemoSpace eSHOP.
Click here for inquiries.

Can I experience RemoSpace?

We are holding a free trial campaign for 10,000 users only. Please check Campaign page for details (It is only JP page).

What OS is RemoSpace supported?

Android、Windows、and iOS.

What are the recommended specifications for a device?

Android、Windows、and iOS.

What are the supported languages?

There are 5 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. 112 languages ​​will be supported in the future.

How fast is the translation speed?

It depends on the communication environment, but it takes about 1 to 2 seconds on average to translate. (reference value)

Is it compatible with other meeting apps?

There is no compatibility at this time.

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