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Removing Language Barriers Online

Next generation online meeting system, RemoSpace.
You can communicate in native language with maximum 10 people on online.

  • Simultaneous Translation

    Simultaneous translation of audio from online meetings allows you to communicate with everyone on the spot.

  • Support JP, EN, KR, and CH

    Bi-directional support for four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. We are planning to add up to 112 languages as needed.

  • Convert voice to text

    The audio spoken during a meeting is converted to text and displayed on the screen. The text can be downloaded later.

  • Smoother translation

    With this system, you do not need to press a button every time you want to translate, but can smoothly converse with a foreigner through simultaneous interpretation.

Main functions
  • Mute

    Display all translation sources and translation results.

  • Video

    Display two screens of camera and subtitles.

  • Lanuage

    Select language of translation results.

  • Subtitle size

    Adjust size of subtitle.

  • Text

    Display all translation sources and translation results.

  • White boad

    Share whiteboard.

  • File

    Share desktop.

  • Voice

    Pronounce translation results as synthetic voice.

  • Sound

    Switche audio on and off.

  • Member

    Show conference members.

  • Setting

    Select further settings.

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  • Meetings with foreigners

    If you don't understand a foreign language, don't worry. Simultaneous translation allows you to share your thoughts and opinions

  • Simplify meeting minutes

    You can convert the audio of online meetings into text and download it as minutes. This will improve the efficiency of making minutes and reduce labor costs.

  • For hearing impaired people

    Speech can be converted to text and displayed on the screen so that hearing-impaired people can understand the content of the meeting.

  • Reduce the cost of translation and interpretation

    It eliminates the need for outsourcing and the cost of schedule adjustments. You can use the terminals you already have, which is ideal for budget saving.

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RemoSpace supporting diverse businesses

  • Administration
    Local government

  • Medical

  • Tourism

  • Work

  • Beauty

  • Education

  • Agriculture

  • Real estate

Administration・Local government

  • Understanding the actual conditions of foreign families and residences.

    Even if the parents do not speak Japanese, they can easily understand the current situation through RemoSpace.

  • Online support tool for foreign residents.

    It can be used as an online support tool in the midst of restrictions such as refraining from going out during COVID-19 disaster.

  • Resolving the shortage of human resources in other languages.

    It allows you to instantly deal with multiple foreigners without the need for translation or interpretation.


  • Strengthen the system for accepting foreign patients.

    Even staff who do not speak foreign languages can understand the symptoms in advance.

  • Foreign language support for online medical care.

    Even if you do not have professional staff on hand, you can always see a foreigner.

  • Development of overseas training and international exchange in medicine.

    You can search for places that accept skill development and training without the need for full-time staff.


  • Developing tourist attractions around the world.

    Anyone can communicate with local staff and residents, making it easier to find new spots.

  • Simplify video production of tourist information.

    The translated language will be displayed as subtitles, so it can be used as a guide video.

  • Reduce the cost of translation and human resources.

    Anyone can communicate with foreigners without a dedicated staff.


  • Support for online interviews in foreign languages.

    Contacting and interviewing foreign job seekers will be easier, expanding the range of human resources available.

  • Tools to help overseas employments work abroad.

    It can also be used as a tool for people who want to work in a foreign country to find a place to work.

  • Reduce the cost of translation and human resources.

    Anyone can communicate with foreigners without a dedicated staff.


  • Pre-counseling for foreigners.

    You can check concerns, particulars, and hair style in advance.

  • Place for technical exchange and online lessons.

    You can also use it to exchange information with foreign stylists about overseas trends.

  • Support for overseas store management and employment.

    You can use RemoSpace to communicate with local staff and customers.


  • Communication tool for international exchange.

    Even if you don't speak a foreign language, simultaneous translation provides a more active discussion forum than ever before.

  • Support tools for students with hearing Impairments.

    RemoSpace's subtitling feature allows students with hearing impairments to understand what is being said in class.

  • Support for students and parents who do not speak a foreign language.

    It can also be used as a tool for communication with students and parents who have low understanding of foreign languages.


  • Communication tool for working foreigners.

    It is a tool for clearly communicating work instructions and directions.

  • Means of contact with foreigners before coming to the places.

    You can communicate with local people through online meetings in advance.

  • Make online meetings smoother.

    Members who cannot speak foreign languages can also share information online.

Real estate

  • Simplification of housing introduction and contract explanation for foreign nationals.

    Simplify your work by showing room images online and simultaneous translation.

  • Facility rules and usage information for foreign residents.

    It is possible to communicate directly with residents who do not understand foreign language in a non-paper format.

  • Reduce the cost of translation and human resources.

    Anyone can communicate with foreigners without a dedicated staff.

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How to use

Before starting meetings

  • 1

    Buy tickets at eSHOP
    (Individual contracts are possible for corporations.)

  • 2

    The ID and password of the main account will be sent to the registered email address.※ An account that manages the entire system.

  • 3

    Log in to your main account from the management screen (website).

  • 4

    Create a sub-account and allocate meeting time.
    ※An account that holds meetings.

  • 5

    Download and install the app.

How to start meetings

  • 1

    Launch the app and sign in with your sub account.

  • 2

    Enter the required information and create a meeting.

  • 3

    Contact a guest account with an invitation code and ask them to join meetings.
    ※account to participate in meetings.

For details, please see the PDF or video below.

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